区分 講演会等
対象者 社会人・一般 / 在学生 / 留学生 / 卒業生 / 企業
開催日 2017年5月22日 17時 — 18時30分
開催場所 本郷地区
会場 東京大学情報基盤センター 4階遠隔会議室
定員 30名
参加費 無料
申込方法 事前申込不要
お問い合わせ先 〒113-8658 東京都文京区弥生2-11-16
東京大学 情報基盤センター
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17:00-17:05  Masaaki Kondo (The University of Tokyo) Welcome & Opening

17:05-18:00  Jonathan Eastep (Intel) Global Extensible Open Power Manager: A Vehicle for HPC Community Collaboration on Co-Designed Energy Management Solutions
The power scaling challenge associated with Exascale systems is a well-known issue. In this talk, we provide an overview of the Global Extensible Open Power Manager (GEOPM). GEOPM is an open source power management runtime framework which is being contributed to the HPC community to foster collaboration on new power management runtime techniques to address Exascale power challenges or enhance performance and power efficiency on today’s systems as well. Through GEOPM’s plug-in extensible architecture, it enables rapid prototyping of new runtime algorithms. This talk will cover GEOPM’s architecture and usages then discuss opportunities for collaboration. For additional information, please visit:

18:00-18:15  Thang Cao (The University of Tokyo)  Cooling-Aware Job Scheduling and Node Allocation for Overprovisioned HPC Systems

Limited power budget is becoming one of the most crucial challenges in developing supercomputer systems. Hardware overprovisioning which installs a larger number of nodes beyond the limitations of the power constraint is an attractive way to design future supercomputers. In air-cooled HPC centers, it is said that about half of the total power is consumed by cooling facilities. Reducing cooling power and effectively utilizing power resource for computing nodes are important challenges. In this talk, we present a cooling and node location-aware job scheduling strategy which tries to optimize job-to-node mapping while improving the total system throughput under the constraint of total system (compute nodes and cooling facilities) power consumption.

18:15-18:25  Kengo Nakajima (The University of Tokyo) Overview of Supercomputing Research Division, Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo

18:25-18:30  Masaaki Kondo (The University of Tokyo) Closing