第42回オープンセミナー When knowledge moves with humans: Travel, mobility, and media in Asia



区分 講演会等
対象者 社会人・一般 / 在学生 / 受験生 / 留学生 / 卒業生 / 企業 / 高校生 / 大学生 / 教職員
開催日(開催期間) 2021年9月17日 18時 — 19時30分
開催場所 オンライン
参加費 無料
申込方法 要事前申込
申込受付期間 2021年8月23日 — 2021年9月15日
お問い合わせ先 東京大学ヒューマニティーズセンター事務局
This seminar is based on a joint research project entitled 'Knowledge Production and Circulation in Asia', which is part of a larger research initiative, 'Shaping Asia', conducted by scholars affiliated to different institutions in Europe, Asia, and USA ( It seeks to understand what kinds of knowledge circulate where and when, and why and how they do or did so. It addresses the dynamics of global epistemic frameworks and those found within them by focusing on epistemic communities in everyday life: turning away from a merely intellectually oriented understanding of epistemology and attending to knowledge systems that inform and connect people in their daily life across nations and regions.
The first presentation by Claudia Derichs addresses Muslim women's mobility and religious knowledge. Some case studies of Muslim women who use their religious knowledge to professionalize in medical services, life coaching, or health counselling for fellow Muslim women around the world are introduced. While the women are physically staying at one place (at home), they are virtually mobile in numerous ways. Their professional services 'travel' across regions, and the knowledge they provide hails from their higher education in 'online madrasas' (online colleges).
The second presentation by Emi Goto focuses on actresses in Egypt who expressed their understanding of Islamic thought and their views on social practices associated with Islam through films, satellite TV program, and internet. Their knowledge and ideas were conveyed to a wide range of people across regions, leading to further discussions on women and Islam. Through the lenses of travel, mobility, and media, these presentations want to capture how knowledge 'moves with humans' and circulates across regions.
本セミナーでは、イスラームとジェンダーをテーマにした多彩な研究を展開されているClaudia Derichs氏(ベルリン・フンボルト大学アジア・アフリカ研究所)と後藤絵美氏(東京外国語大学アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所)のお二人をお迎えし、現代のアジアにおいて、様々なメディアを通じて自らのイスラームに関する知識・解釈を広範に発信しているムスリム女性たちの事例研究を通じて、そこにみられる知識・情報の動き、地域を超えた人と人とのかかわり方について考察します。