UTokyo and CNRS launch Second CNRS – University of Tokyo Ph.D. Joint Program (formerly the CNRS-University of Tokyo “Excellence Science” Joint Research Program)

February 8, 2023

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) and France’s Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS*) launched a second joint call for proposals between the two institutions in order to develop new promising cooperation.
This second joint call is intended to fund joint research projects for 3 years, including funding for Ph.D. students so that they may work towards obtaining their doctorate degrees. The selected joint research projects will have two Ph.D. students (one CNRS, one UTokyo) associated with them. The ultimate aim for these students is for them to obtain a doctorate degree based on the work they do on the joint research over the three years.
The call for candidates was open from 1 September, 2022 to 2 November, 2022.
A total of 12 eligible proposals were received in response to the joint call. Based on the evaluation by experts, a Joint Selection Committee chaired by Prof. Nobuhito SAITO, UTokyo Executive Vice President, and by Prof. Alain SCHUHL, Chief Research Officer, CNRS, selected five projects.
The projects will start this autumn.
* France’s Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
Established in 1939 as the French state research organization, the CNRS is among the world’s leading research institutions. UTokyo and CNRS have long been engaged in research exchanges and collaborations. Also, the CNRS-UTokyo Round Table Conference titled “Women in Science” was held as part of CNRS’s 80th anniversary in 2019.
[Second CNRS – University of Tokyo Ph.D. Joint Program Selected Projects]
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List of the selected projects
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