Talk event with Mr. Paul Polman

November 8, 2022


Type University members only
Intended for Enrolled students / International students
Date(s) November 21, 2022 19:00 — 20:00
Location Komaba Area Campus
Venue 21KOMCEE West B1 Lecture Hall
Capacity 100 people
Entrance Fee No charge
Registration Method Advance registration required
Registration Period November 4, 2022 — November 20, 2022
This is a talk event with Mr. Paul Polman. Mr. Paul Polman has experiences as a business representative involved in the setting of the SDGs. The first half of the event will start with the opening remarks from the President Teruo Fujii and then a “fire side chat” between Mr. Polman and Prof. Naoko Ishii, Executive Vice President (Moderator) will follow. Through their dialogue, the importance of achieving the SDGs, the difficulties which Mr. Polman has faced as a business leader, and advice on how to advance SDGs will be introduced. In the latter half of the event, participating students will be given a chance to ask questions and learn more.

- Mr. Paul Polman: One of the most highly regarded business leaders in the promotion of sustainability. Co-founder and Chair of IMAGINE, the Honorary Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce, and former CEO of Unilever. He will be a speaker at the “Tokyo Forum”, an international forum which the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) will co-host with the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (Chey Institute).
- IMAGINE: An association of business leaders from global companies that address issues such as climate change and global inequality
- Prof. Naoko Ishii: Executive Vice President, UTokyo. Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, UTokyo. Director, Center for Global Commons
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