Efforts to improve D&I UTokyo D&I Actions and Messages

August 26, 2022

― UTokyo D&I Campaign 2022 ―

The University of Tokyo has launched a campaign aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion on campus, and making the university a place where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive. The initiative, called UTokyo D&I Campaign 2022, started in March 2022. Here, we introduce plans and actions related to D&I initiatives from members of the UTokyo community, including deans and directors of various UTokyo organizations.

Actions and Messages

Efforts to improve D&I

Tomohiko KAWAMURA, Director, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI)

As an initiative related to D&I, the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute has introduced a work-life balance support system unique to the Institute that supports ongoing research during maternity leave and childcare/nursing care leave.

We are also implementing various measures to encourage young faculty members to conduct research at overseas institutes on sabbatical.

In order to increase the number of female researchers engaged in ocean and atmospheric sciences over the long term, we are actively participating in the program called “Let’s Look into the Future!“ together with other institutes on Kashiwa Campus. This program aims to encourage female junior high and high school students to choose STEM fields as their careers in the future.

In 2021, we became the first institute at UTokyo to post a job available only for female researchers. While this post was open for one gender, we accepted applications from researchers in a wide range of fields. As a result, there were more applicants than expected.

In addition to these measures to foster D&I, we have been tackling a gender gap in recruitment. Out of the seven faculty members we have hired since 2020, three of them are female.

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