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開催日(開催期間) 2023年10月24日 9時 — 10時
開催場所 オンライン
定員 100名
参加費 無料
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申込受付期間 2023年9月5日 — 2023年10月24日

Seminar Series


Social Science after the Digital Revolution: Contrasting Developments in Artificial Intelligence in Australia and Japan


Anthony  Elliot
Dean of External Engagement and Bradley Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of South Australia


Director of TCJS


Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a new front line for the world and is powerfully reshaping the global economy.  In this presentation, acclaimed sociologist Anthony Elliott reviews developments in AI, focusing especially on both policy and practical responses in Australia and Japan.  The presentation will also introduce some recent research supported by the Toyota Foundation on changes now occurring in elderly care, associated with a raft of AI technologies.  Elliott argues that personal life today is increasingly intertwined with networked technological systems and human-machine configurations, including relations with social robots.  He concludes by highlighting the mix of opportunities and risks that the culture of AI portends.

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Anthony Elliott writes about identity, society, globalisation and the digital revolution.  His research has had a lasting impact upon social theory and sociology worldwide.  He is the author and editor of over 50 books, translated into 17 languages.  Dr. Elliott is Bradley Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of South Australia, where he is Dean of External Engagement and Executive Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.  He is Super-Global Professor (Visiting) in the Graduate School of Human Relations at Keio University.  He is Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, UK; Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia; and, Senior Member of King's College, Cambridge.  Most recently, Prof. Elliott was appointed Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in The King’s Birthday 2023 Honours in recognition of his significant service to education and to social science policy and research.  His recent books include The Culture of AI (2019), Making Sense of AI (2021), Algorithmic Intimacy (2023) and Algorithms of Anxiety: Fear in the Digital Age (2024).