The University of Tokyo

Have UTokyo Students Become “Tough”?

Since the spring 2009 matriculation ceremony, President Hamada has spurred the entire University to action with the call to “be tough.” Encapsulated in these two simple words are President Hamada's desire for the members of the University community to not only strengthen themselves physically, but also for them to furnish themselves with the intellectual fortitude to tenaciously keep learning and the stamina to excel in social communication. Five and a half years have passed since the proclamation of this rallying cry. Did the students who were educated while listening to the President's words ultimately become “tough”? Out of all 27,865 students studying in both the Faculties and Graduate Schools, we chose 19 students from different backgrounds who are blazing new paths in a variety of ways, and asked them to answer one question: “What does being ‘tough' mean to you?”

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