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IBM Call for Code: Research Challenge for Climate Change


This is a call for applications for the "IBM Call for Code: Research Challenge for Climate Change". Now in its fourth year, Call for Code is the largest tech for good initiative of its kind that brings together students, developers, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers from all over the world to create solutions that help solve some of the most pressing societal issues of our time. For this Challenge, IBM and Call for Code will be asking research-focused graduate and advanced undergraduates with experience or high interest in research from ETH Zurich, EPFL, MIT, Stanford and The University of Tokyo to form teams of 1-5 students.
You can create a team among yourselves or join a team through the team-building Slack channel created for this event. Each team will then be asked to build a solution using at least one IBM service, technology or API, along with any other open source technology, to address the problem of climate change. This could include a solution that aids humanity in one of the following categories:
• Sustainable water use
• Resilient agriculture
• Responsible production
• Climate risk and impact
Building a prototype for submission is not required but those that do will score higher in the judging rubric. Prizes of USD 1,000 - 5,000 will be awarded to the top three teams!

Application information

Please refer to the Message from IBM. For other points like eligibility and expected number of students, please see below.
(1) Both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled as full-time students. Students with diverse background and experiences are encouraged to join, (e.g., environmental studies/sustainability, data analytics, AI, machine learning). Research-focused graduate and advanced undergraduates with experience or high interest in research to form teams of 1-5 students.
(2) Make sure that the program do not interfere with your Semester courses (Completion of more than 80% of the lectures and academic assignments is required for this program)
(3) Students who already have a supervisor or equivalent at UTokyo must notify them of their application to the program in advance and receive approval from the supervisor (the date they received approval in the application on UTAS is required) 
(4) Students who can communicate in English via Slack
Expected number of applicants:approx. 50
Deadline:Students are encouraged to register by September 8, 2021: Team-building event— 10 PM JST, but the final deadline is September 27, 2021: Submissions due —11 PM JST
Program Cost:No fee needed

Program Flyer (You can download in PDF format by clicking the picture)
Flyer1 Flyer2
Application Procedure

Please register on the IBM blog post. You can check the introduction video, starter kit, and details of registration.

Contact Information

International Exchange Group: studyabroad.adm[at]gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp


・Before applying, applicants must make sure that the programs do not interfere with their semester courses since no consideration may be made for attending the program and may make study plan on its own responsibility.
・Participants must fully comprehend the purposes of the programs and strive to complete the program courses while achieving a high level of academic performance.
・Participants must be aware that they are representatives of the University, and thus must comply with the laws, regulations, rules and manners of their host universities and countries.
・Participants must submit a report (google form will be sent out to the participants later) to the International Exchange Group, after completing program.