Functional waveguide technology for millimeter- and submillimeter-wave radio band

Junji Yumoto
Graduate School of Science
As the technology progresses to 5G and 6G, the radio frequency used in these systems will become higher. We aim to establish a functional waveguide technology in the millimeter- and submillimeter-wave radio band, which is essential for the development of next-generation wireless technology.
(a) Photograph of RECILS 3D printer; (b) Illustration of associated 1D liquid level control principle; and (c) Measurements setup for 3D printed waveguides

Related publications

W.J. Otter, N.M. Ridler, H. Yasukochi, K. Soeda, K. Konishi, J. Yumoto, M. Kuwata-Gonokami and S. Lucyszyn, Electro. Letters 53, 471 (2017).


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