Lecture using a social VR platform

Tomohiro Amemiya
Virtual Reality Educational Research Center
Associate Professor
In addition to the classroom-style remote lectures on the social VR platform, we conducted a joint viewing of an omni-directional video and simulated customer service operations from a first-person perspective.
A VR lecture in "Hubs," the social VR platform
The University of Tokyo
Simulated a customer service experience in "VRChat," the social VR platform
The University of Tokyo

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Full-time instructors, Virtual Reality Educational Research Center, The University of Tokyo

Related publications

Oyanaigi Akimi, Ito Kenichiro, Aoyama Kazuma, Amemiya Tomohiro, "Virtual Face-to-face Lecture using Spacial VR: Attempt in Actual Lecture", Journal of Human Interface Society, Vol.23, No.1, Feb.2021 (in Japanese).


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