My City Report for road managers

Yoshihide Sekimoto
Center for Spatial Information Science
Professor Institute of Industrial Science Project Professor
By collecting road images using smartphones (or driving recorders) mounted on vehicles and detecting road damages by emerging AI techniques, the My City Report for road managers project aims to comprehensively capture at comprehensively real-time grasping the road damage situation in real-time and optimizing optimize the efficiency of inspections operation. As the component of the My City Report consortium, this project launched and provided services in 13 municipalities with MCR for citizens (a civic collaboration contribution service) .
Examples of an obtainable road damage type by smartphone
Sekimoto Laboratory, the University of Tokyo
Data and dashboard for MyCityReport
Sekimoto Laboratory, the University of Tokyo

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Research collaborators

  • Urban X Technologies, Inc.
  • Association for Promotion of Infrastructure Geospatial Information Distribution

Related publications

  • Maeda, H., Sekimoto, Y., Seto, T., Kashiyama, T. and Omata, H., Generative adversarial network for road damage detection, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Wiley, Vo.36, pp.47-60, Available online 2 June 2020.
  • Maeda, H., Sekimoto, Y., Seto, T., Kashiyama, T., & Omata, H. (2018). Road damage detection and classification using deep neural networks with smartphone images. Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 33(12), 1127-1141.
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Related patents

Patent number 2019-139316


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