Security theory of quantum cryptography

  • 1.6 Quantum information/Quantum cryptography
  • 1.7 Quantum network/Quantum Internet
  • 2.4 Quantum optics/Quantum teleportation(Quantum optical network/Quantum repeaters)
Masato Koashi
Graduate School of Engineering
Quantum cryptography facilitates secure communication against an adversary with unlimited computational power and technology, and it is founded on security theory based on quantum mechanics.
Secure communication based on complementarity in quantum mechanics
Quantum key distribution based on a novel principle

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T. Sasaki, Y. Yamamoto, and M. Koashi, Nature, vol. 509, p. 475 (2014).
K. Maeda, T. Sasaki, M. Koashi, Nature Communications, vol. 10, 3140 (2019).

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Japanese Patent No. 6257042
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