Development of a superconducting photon number detector

  • 2.2 Quantum sensing(Quantum metrology/Sensing/Imaging, Optical lattice clocks)
  • 2.4 Quantum optics/Quantum teleportation(Quantum optical network/Quantum repeaters)
Hiroyuki Takahashi
Graduate School of Engineering
We are developing a photon number detector using superconducting transition edge sensor technology that monitor slight temperature increases due to the absorption of photons.
Superconducting photon number detector
Nuclear Engineering and Management, School of Engineering
Photon number spectrum obtained using Ir TES
Nuclear Engineering and Management, School of Engineering

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Y. Miura, T. Irimatsugawa, M. Ohno, H.Takahashi, Development of an Ir-TES for near infrared single photon counting, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, A954, 162120, 2020.

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特願2020-020988 超低温超伝導センサ用信号増幅デバイス
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