Program of Excellence in Photon Science (XPS)

  • 1.2 Quantum chemistry
  • 1.5 Quantum interdisciplinary sciences(Life science, Mathematics, Particle physics, Space science, Astronomy, Quantum gravity, etc.)
  • 1.6 Quantum information/Quantum cryptography
  • 1.10 Educating the quantum generations
  • 2.1 Quantum bits, memories, devices(Superconducting circuits, Ion trapping, Trapped cold atoms, Photons, Quantum dots, etc.)
  • 2.2 Quantum sensing(Quantum metrology/Sensing/Imaging, Optical lattice clocks)
  • 2.3 Quantum materials(Topological materials/Thermoelectric devices/Functional materials)
  • 2.4 Quantum optics/Quantum teleportation(Quantum optical network/Quantum repeaters)
  • 2.5 Quantum wiring/Quantum electronics/Electronics for Quantum Information
Shoji Asai
Graduate School of Science
The Program of Excellence in Photon Science (XPS) is an integrated Master's-Doctoral program that focuses on the fundamental, innovative, and interdisciplinary nature of photon science. Its mandate is to train excellent graduate students to play active roles internationally in industry and academia.
Program of Excellence in Photon Science (XPS)
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DOWA Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.
FUJIFILM Corporation
AISIN AW Co., Ltd.


  • SDG9 Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
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