Quantum dynamics processor

  • 1.1 Quantum algorithm/Quantum compiler
  • 1.2 Quantum chemistry
  • 1.6 Quantum information/Quantum cryptography
  • 1.7 Quantum network/Quantum Internet
  • 2.3 Quantum materials(Topological materials/Thermoelectric devices/Functional materials)
Mio Murao
Graduate School of Science
We design an effective Hamiltonian of a system with unknown parameters by programming a pulse sequence to process quantum Hamiltonian dynamics.
We aim to develop quantum simulators, quantum measurement algorithms, and quantum programmable materials using quantum systems with unknown or uncontrollable parameters.
Robust control of two-qubit Hamiltonian dynamics with an unknown parameter. By programming a control pulse sequence based on the idea of quantum dynamics processor, the CNOT gate (the two-qubit elementary gate for quantum computation) is implementable in high accuracy without measuring the value of the unknown parameter for the system shown in the figure.

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