Theory of nonequilibrium open quantum systems

  • 2.1 Quantum bits, memories, devices(Superconducting circuits, Ion trapping, Trapped cold atoms, Photons, Quantum dots, etc.)
  • 2.3 Quantum materials(Topological materials/Thermoelectric devices/Functional materials)
Masahito Ueda
Graduate School of Science
Quantum functional devices operate under out-of-equilibrium conditions and are necessarily open to external systems to be amenable to feedback control.
We develop fundamental theory to describe such devices on the basis of many-body theory, information thermodynamics, and machine learning.
Quantum systems subject to measurement and feedback are described as nonequilibrium open quantum systems.
prepared by Nakagawa and Ueda
We establish fundamental theories for nonequilibrium open quantum systems through many-body systems, information thermodynamics and machine learning.
prepared by Nakagawa and Ueda

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Masaya Nakagawa

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"Symmetry and Topology in Non-Hermitian Physics" Kohei Kawabata, Ken Shiozaki, Masahito Ueda, and Masatoshi Sato Phys. Rev. X 9, 041015 (2019).
"Topological Phases of Non-Hermitian Systems" Zongping Gong, Yuto Ashida, Kohei Kawabata, Kazuaki Takasan, Sho Higashikawa, and Masahito Ueda Phys. Rev. X 8, 031079 (2018).
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