Construction of data-driven historical information research infrastructure

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Keiko Hongo
Historiographical Institute
The Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo has accumulated research resources in Japanese history over 150 years. In order to maintain and develop them in Society 5.0 for another 100 years, we are constructing the historical information research infrastructure featuring a historical data repository for long-term preservation and utilization, construction of a data-driven search system, and strengthening of international dissemination. By expanding the world-class information research bases for Japanese history and collaborating with those in the field of informatics we aim to further revitalize the humanities and to strengthen the foundation supporting academic diversity. Through our research activities, we also work on training young researchers into outstanding specialists and return academic results to society through publication of historical data.
Outline of construction of data-driven search system
Historiographical Institute
Example of visualization of personal relationships
Historiographical Institute

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