Vaccine design project : shooting an arrow at Achilles' heel

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Ken J. Ishii
Institute of Medical Science
We will conduct a new dimensional vaccine research and development program where we generate multi-dimensional immunomics and provide novel technology modules towards the optimal vaccine development to shoot at the Achilles’ heel of the target antigen of pathogens, allergens, cancers, and any other immunologically relevant diseases.
Vaccine design project, Human Immuno-profiling
Ken J. Ishii, Division of Vaccine Science, The Institute of Medical Science
Vaccine design project, New dimensional vaccine design
Ken J. Ishii, Division of Vaccine Science, The Institute of Medical Science

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Research collaborators

International Vaccine Design Center, IMS, UTokyo
International Research Center for Infectious Diseases, IMS, UTokyo

Related publications

Combination and inducible adjuvants targeting nucleic acid sensors B Temizoz, E Kuroda, KJ Ishii - Current opinion in pharmacology, 2018.
Vaccine adjuvants as potential cancer immunotherapeutics B Temizoz, E Kuroda, KJ Ishii - International immunology, 2016.
Nucleic acid sensing at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity in vaccination CJ Desmet, KJ Ishii - Nature Reviews Immunology, 2012.


  • Ken J. Ishii Division of Vaccine Science, Department of Infection and Immunity, The Institute of Medical Science (IMSUT), The University of Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5449-5314
  • Email: kenishii[at]
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