Program for Advanced Business Law

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Hiroyuki Kansaku
Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
The Program for Advanced Business Law, starting in 2017, is designed to enhance academic research and practices in business law by educating qualified students with advanced expertise. It covers relevant areas as follows: commercial law, civil law, intellectual property law, competition law, tax law, international private law, economic crime law, labor law, civil procedure law, and international economic law. The Program serves as a bridge between young researchers and practitioners by admitting young practitioners as students and employing experienced practitioners as professors.

It provides the ‘Seminar for Advanced Business Law’, and also organizes interdisciplinary seminars aiming at synergies from engineering, natural science, medical science, and life science. The Program contributes to a systematic collection of legal books and materials. It also promotes international engagement and exchanges by sending students to globally recognized organizations. All these and other activities are intended to develop researchers and practitioners with innovative foresight for legal issues in the age of the next-generation technologies, and to facilitate the comprehensive growth of the legal system.

Basic Structure of the Program for Advanced Business Law
An International Seminar for Advanced Business Law

Research collaborators

- University of Tokyo School of Engineering

Related publications

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