Research and Development of Innovative Health Care System for eExtension of Healthy Life Span

  • SDG3 Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
Ichiro Sakuma
Research Institute for Biomedical Science and Engineering
Interdisciplinary projects of advanced engineering and clinical medicine are based on the understanding of the interaction between the human body and artificial systems. The research projects aim to develop various cost-effective medical technologies that contribute to extending healthy life span. Social implementation will be swiftly realized through conducting appropriate clinical studies to collect scientific evidence to prove the safety and efficacy of the technologies. Specifically, the following four projects are planned:
- Home medical system in which the measurement of appropriate biomarkers for the prevention, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases is used to serve as a guide for appropriate medical care
- Develop the next-generation diagnostic and therapeutic systems based on comprehensive information processing of various measurement and precise treatment by biological, physical and chemical operations
- Employ medical devices, biomaterials, and functional molecules that promote healing and regeneration of living systems through appropriate spatial and temporal and spatial control of the differentiation and proliferation of cells in vivo
- Use health navigation systems for evacuating personal health risks and providing appropriate advice by integrating personal medical and health information using computer simulations and artificial intelligence

Through cooperation of the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Engineering, and the University Hospital, we conduct cyclic research and development activities from basic to clinical, and vice versa, which lead to University-Industry collaboration.

Future health care environment envisioned in the project
Credit: Modified from the document by Center of Innovation (
Project overview
This figure is made based on information provided by Professor Takai, Professor Tsumoto, Professor Sakuma, and Associate Professor Harada (Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering), and Professor Mitsuishi (Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering)

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Research collaborators

- Hitachi
- Olympus
- Toshiba Medical Systems
- Fujitsu
- Eizai、Kyowa hakko Kirin
- Sysmex
- Panasonic

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