Development of a novel transplantation system using iPS-derived pancreatic islets

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Atsushi Miyajima
Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
In order to use iPS-derived islets for clinical applications, we have been working on efficient generation of islets from iPS cells, scaling islet production and developing a method for encapsulation of islets to protect them from the recipient immune system. We have also developed a novel primate diabetic model to evaluate the functions of iPS-derived islets.
Project Summary
IQB University of Tokyo
Large scale production of islets
Credit: IQB University of Tokyo

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Research collaborators

- Prof. Sakai, Takeuchi, Okitsu (Institute of Industrial Science)
- Prof. Michiue (Graduate School of Arts and Science)
- Drs. Shimoda and Okouchi (National Center for Global Medicine)
- Dr. Sasaki (Central Institute for Experimental Animals)
- Dr. Nakaishi (Kaneka Corp)

Related publications

- Metre-long cell-laden microfibres exhibit tissue morphologies and functions. Nature Materials 2013 Jun;12(6):584-90

Related patents

- Method to make islets from multipotential stem cells:PCT/JP2014/054352


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