Delta crisis and flood resilience: exploration for a multidimensional analytical model on natural environment, infrastructure, and socioeconomic structure

  • SDG1 End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  • SDG6 Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • SDG11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  • SDG13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Akiyuki Kawasaki
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering Project Professor
Due to the acceleration of human activities and climate change, flood risk of delta cities is increasing, and thus a global delta crisis is arising. In response to this, there are an increasing number of resilience-focused studies, but still, the concept of resilience studies has not yet been clearly established. This research aims to clarify delta cities’ vulnerability and resilience towards flood disasters from the following three aspects: research history reexamination, model development, and case studies. In other words, this research would analyze the concepts of resilience and vulnerability by reexamining the research history, and then develop new analytical models and measurement methodologies. Furthermore, through case studies, this research aims to discover how the natural environment, infrastructure, and socioeconomic structures create vulnerability and resilience. In this research, an interdisciplinary team from engineering, anthropology, and economics is pursuing a creative research to explore a multidimensional flood-resilience analytical model in which the three issues of natural environment, infrastructure, and socioeconomic structures intersect.
Analytical framework of natural environment, development, and social improvement in emerging mega-delta cities
Akiyuki Kawasaki
Recording of inundation area by drones
Akiyuki Kawasaki

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Research collaborators

- Atsuro Morita, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
- Tamaki Endo, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University
- Henry Michael, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
- Koji Ikeuchi, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo

Related publications

- Kawasaki, A., Rhyner, J. (2018) Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience: Roles of science, technology and education. Journal of Disaster Research, 13(7), 1181-1186. doi: 10.20965/jdr.2018.p1181
- Henry, M., Kawasaki, A., Takigawa, I., Meguro, K. (2017) The impact of income disparity on vulnerability and information collection: an analysis of the 2011 Thai flood. Journal of Flood Risk Management.

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