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Basic Synthetic Research for the Construction of Islam & Gender Studies

Eiji Nagasawa
Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

The Middle East and other geographic areas populated by Muslims today are facing various challenges such as social revolutions, civil wars and issues related to forced migrations. To better understand the current situation, a “gender perspective” is indispensable, especially in conducting a deeper, discursive analysis. In particular, it is inevitable to conduct academic research on culture, politics, and development in relation to the matter of gender justice in Islam. This research project aims at building a platform for creating a new intellectual practice called “Islam & Gender Studies” by consolidating individual research on gender in this region carried out separately so far and by promoting a gender perspective in different research fields regarding Islam. Specifically, the project will tackle the following three issues: 1) social dynamics in regards to Islam and gender justice; 2) re-examination of politics with gendered perspectives; 3) gender ”discourse and practice” in the field of “development” in a broader sense. In addition to enhancing cutting-edge individual research on the subject, the project will set the stage for a comprehensive discussion on gender justice and Islam.



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Research collaborators

  • Emi Goto
  • Kaoru Murakami
  • Noriko Matsunaga
  • Hidemitsu Kuroki
  • Erina Iwasaki
  • Mina Hattori
  • Mari Oka
  • Akira Usuki
  • Tomoko Yamagishi
  • Hiroko Minesaki
  • Keiko Takaki
  • Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Toyoko Morita
  • Junko Toriyama

Related publications

  • Nagasawa, Eiji ed., For the Construction of Islam & Gender Studies, JSPS Basic Synthetic Research (A) for the Construction of Islam & Gender Studies, 2017.3.


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