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Osamu Sudo
Director, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education
Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies and Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies


UTokyo TV (http://todai.tv/) offers videos of events held at the University of Tokyo (hereinafter as UTokyo), such as symposiums, workshops, and seminars. These videos are free and available to the public at the UTokyo TV’s website. The UTokyo TV website opened in December 2005, and its YouTube channel was launched in November 2016. Additionally, some of UTokyo TV’s videos are also provided through iTunes Podcast (transferred from the iTunesU collection).

As of October 2017, the number of videos made available by UTokyo TV is 787. Annually, the website receives about 550,000 views including those from users in Japan, the United States, China, the UK, among other countries. There are also about 180,000 views of the YouTube channel and about 120,000 podcast downloads each year.

UTokyo TV aims to bring knowledge created at the University to a wider audience in the public. Anyone can access this academic knowledge of high quality no matter where they are in the world. In this way, UTokyo TV provides high quality educational content to people all over the world in an equitable manner and promotes lifelong learning opportunities.

UTokyo TV website

UTokyo TV YouTube channel

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  • Akiko NAKAZAWA, Toru YAEGASHI and Kaori SUZUKI (2016) Current Condition and New Attempt of UTokyo TV. IDE. Vol.585 pp.46-49. (in Japanese)


Assistant Professor, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education

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