Data Platform Initiative Projects


The Future Society Initiative (FSI) promotes educational and research projects in the field of data platform research.
The number of registered projects is 44 as of 2024-6-1. See this portal page for information on how to register your project (on-campus access only).

1. Common Technologies for Data Utilization
1.1 Data Processing Infrastructure (Cloud, Large-Scale Data Processing Systems, Machine Learning Frameworks, Databases, Data Structure)
1.2 Cyber-Physical System (Sensor Network, IoT, Real-time Data Processing)
1.3 Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Assimilation, Algorithms, Mathematical Foundation, Data Mining
1.4 Visualization, Visual Analytics
1.5 Data Sharing, Data Co-Creation (Search, Data Linkage, Data Authoring. Meta-data Creating)
1.6 Safety, Trust (Security, Privacy, Governance, Law, Block Chain)
2. Data-Driven Society and Science
2.1 Material (Material Informatics, Remote Experiment, Laboratory Automation, etc.)
2.2 Manufacturing Science and Engineering (Data-Driven Simulation, Structural Analysis, Fluid Analysis, Skills Transfer, Connected Industry)
2.3 Enviroment and Energy (Energy System, Renewable Energy, Ecosystem, Material Cycle, Life Cycle)
2.4 Smart City (Transportation, Town Planning, Living Environment, Crime Prevention)
2.5 Geospatial Information (Remote Sensing, People Flow)
2.6 Market of Data (Data Trading, Data-driven Value Co-Creation)
2.7 Disaster Prevention, Reconstruction (Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Meteorology, Flood, Natural Disaster)
2.8 Global Environment (Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Database for Global Environment)
2.9 Space Science (astronomical observation data, etc.)
2.10 Health, Medical (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing Science, Genome Science, HealthScience,Sports Science, Medical Informatics, Epidemiology, Drug Discovery, Nutrition )
2.11 Agricultural and Life Science (Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Biological Science )
2.12 Social Science (Digital Archive, Social Investigation, Sociology, Economics, Social Informatics)
2.13 Public Policy, Economy (Policy Evaluation, Finance, Real Estate, Insurance)
2.14 Education (E-Learning, Educational Contents, Remote Education, Learning Management)
2.15 Humanities(Religion, Literature, Linguistics, History, Archeology, Cultural Anthropology, Geography, Area Studies, Tourism, Museology, Art, etc)

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