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Message to international students regarding new special measures for those impacted by the novel coronavirus

Dear International Students of the University of Tokyo: 
The spread of the novel coronavirus continues throughout the world, including Japan.
No doubt those of you who have come from abroad to study in Japan must be facing many concerns. We especially worry that some of you may be struggling because the virus has negatively affected your study and research plans.
Amidst this global pandemic, the university remains fully committed to addressing the financial and psychological concerns of the students. The university has been implementing special measures that would allow those students impacted by the novel coronavirus to extend their student status as well as exempt them from paying tuition during the extension since the autumn of 2020. It has decided to continue these special measures after the spring of 2021.
The special extension enables you to keep your student status beyond the maximum period of enrollment at the university. This exceptional measure will also make it possible for you to remain a student even if you have satisfied all the requirements for your degree.
The tuition exemption is an exceptional measure that may be available to the students who are granted the above extension. Moreover, the exemption may also be given to those who choose to remain a student beyond the standard duration of the period for a degree.
Both of these special measures require permission from the dean of your graduate school, faculty, or college. The dean will be assessing the impact of the novel coronavirus on your study and research plan. Therefore, if you think you are qualified to be considered for these measures, you must make sure you consult your academic advisor, international student advisor and/or the academic affairs office of your graduate school, faculty, or college.
The University of Tokyo will continue to provide all the information regarding the school’s responses to the novel coronavirus on its special webpage. This includes the list of assistance available for international students as well as the contact addresses that may be necessary for you.
The University of Tokyo website:
“Current Students”: the university’s response to the novel coronavirus; information about financial assistance, counseling, accommodation, and special information for international students.
The University of Tokyo website for international students: information for international students, including that of the international student support room.
Please make sure to contact your academic advisor and/or faculty in charge of international students if you have any inquiries about your student status and course registration as well as any other concerns.
The University of Tokyo is committed to doing its utmost to continue providing the most appropriate educational environment for your academic goals in this challenging time.
February 12, 2021
              OKUBO Tatsuya, Executive Vice President in charge of Student Affairs
              AIHARA Hiroaki, Director General of the Division for Global Campus Initiatives

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