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Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is a body that deliberates on important matters pertaining to the management of the University, and is comprised of the president, who presides over the body; directors/faculty members nominated by the president; and outside influential individuals whose number must comprise more than half of the Council and who are appointed by the president in consultation with the Education and Research Council. The Administrative Council discusses the following matters:

  • Management components of mid-term goals, mid-term plans, and annual plans
  • Enactment, revision and abolition of important regulations pertaining to management
  • Remuneration of board members and standards for retirement benefit payments
  • Salaries of faculty members and standards for retirement benefit payments
  • Tuition and fees
  • Budget creation and implementation, accounting issues
  • Examination and assessment of the university's organization and management practices
  • Other important matters pertaining to management
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