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Education and Research Council

The Education and Research Council is a body that deliberates on important matters pertaining to the University's educational and research activities, and is comprised of the president, directors nominated by the president, the dean of each Graduate School, directors of Institutes, and a professor selected from each Faculty. The Council is presided over by the president and deliberates on matters pertaining to the following:

  • Education and research components of mid-term goals, mid-term plans, and annual plans
  • Enactment, revision and abolition of faculty rules, graduate school codes, and other important regulations pertaining to education and research
  • Faculty member personnel policies
  • Disciplinary procedures for faculty members
  • Standards for assigning the title of professor emeritus and selection of those to be granted that title
  • Policies pertaining to curriculum formation
  • Advice, guidance and other types of support to encourage learning
  • Student admission, graduation or curriculum completion, and other matters pertaining to student status and disciplinary procedures
  • Enactment, revision and abolition of academic credit rules and standards for handling academic credits
  • Standards for assigning honorary doctorates and the selection of those to be granted that title
  • Examination and assessment of the university's education and research practices
  • Other important matters pertaining to education and research
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