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Research Income and Intellectual Property

Research Income

Research income to the University comes from both the public and private sectors.

  Number Amount (million yen)
Private sector research collaboration 2,221 16,829
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) 6,541 22,629
Contracted research Government competitive research funds 1,498 43,938
Government non-competitive research funds 336 5,903
Non-government research funds 270 1,184
Donations 16,804 12,315
Total 27,670 102,798
(As of Fiscal 2022)

Intellectual Property

Since university incorporation in 2004, the University of Tokyo has increased the number of patents held by the University and by university staff members. Specialized licensing organizations (Todai TLO, CASTI) have been established to manage and monetize these patents. Other intellectual property including trademarks, software copyrights and other intangible assets provide income to the University.

Patents held by Domestic patents International patents Licensed patents
Applied for Held Applied for Held Licensed Providing income Income (in thousands of yen)
University 8,991 2,331 8,960 2,597 5,319 3,784 8,117,669
(As of the end of March 2023)
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