About UTokyo
About UTokyo


Budgeted Revenue for Fiscal 2017

  Amount (million yen) %
Government Subsidies for Management Expenses 82,765 31.9
Collaborative Research and Endowment Projects 65,004 25
University Hospital 46,922 18.1
Research Grants 25,067 9.7
Student Tuition Fees 18,534 7.1
Subsides for Facilities Construction/Maintenance 21,201 8.2
Total 259,493 100

Budgeted Expenditure for Fiscal 2017

  Amount (million yen) %
Personnel 82,654 31.9
Collaborative research and endowment projects 65,004 25
Materials expenses 56,693 21.8
Research grants 25,067 9.7
Facilities construction and maintenance 21,201 8.2
Repayment of long-term debt 3,984 1.5
Retirement stipends 4,890 1.9
Total 259,493 100

Research Income

Research income to the University comes from both the public and private sectors. Of the total amount of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) received from the government, over half is used to support fundamental research, and 17% goes to support young researchers.

  Number Amount (million yen)
Private sector research collaboration 1,806 7,746
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) 5,191 23,202
Contracted research Government competitive research funds 777 17,500
Government non-competitive research funds 613 16,903
Non-government research funds 292 810
Donations 14,365 9,909
Total 17,853 52,868
(As of Fiscal 2016)

Intellectual Property

Since university incorporation in 2004, the University of Tokyo has increased the number of patents held by the University and by university staff members. Specialized licensing organizations (Todai TLO, CASTI) have been established to manage and monetize these patents. Other intellectual property including trademarks, software copyrights and other intangible assets provide income to the University.

Patents held by Domestic patents International patents Licensed patents
Applied for Held Applied for Held Licensed Providing income Income (in thousands of yen)
University 5,835 1,563 5,320 1,338 3,258 1,591 3,317,253
Faculty members 620 171 528 219 447 355 3,271,204
Total 6,455 1,734 5,848 1,557 3,705 1,946 6,588,457
(As of the end of March 2017)

The University of Tokyo Foundation

The University of Tokyo is supported in part by a range of gifts and donations from individuals and organizations, a large proportion of which are intended for specific purposes. Donations totaling roughly 9 billion yen were received in financial 2016 by the University as a whole. UTokyo became a national university corporation in 2004, at which time the University of Tokyo Foundation was created to support the University's activities by strengthening its financial base. The Foundation's current balance is 11 billion yen. In financial 2016, the Foundation received 9,932 donations totaling nearly 3 billion yen, 29% by value and 97% by number from individuals. The University is extremely grateful for this strong public support.