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List of University Presidents

University name Position name Installation date Name Picture
University of Tokyo Head, Law, Science & Literature Departments April 1877 Hiroyuki Kato
Head, Medical Department April 1877 Kensai Ikeda  
President July 1881 Hiroyuki Kato
President (administration) January 1886 Masakazu Toyama
Imperial University President (administration) March 1886 Masakazu Toyama
President March 1886 Hiromoto Watanabe
President May 1890 Hiroyuki Kato
President March 1893 Arata Hamao
President November 1897 Masakazu Toyama
Tokyo Imperial University President May 1898 Dairoku Kikuchi
President June 1901 Kenjiro Yamakawa
President (concurrent) December 1905 Naokichi Matsui
President December 1905 Arata Hamao
President (administration) August 1912 Joji Sakurai
President May 1913 Kenjiro Yamakawa
President September 1920 Yoshinao Kozai
President December 1928 Kiheiji Onozuka
President December 1934 Mataro Nagayo
President (administration) November 1938 Kanji Sato
President December 1938 Yuzuru Hiraga
President (administration) February 1943 Kanichi Terazawa
President March 1943 Yoshikazu Uchida
President December 1945 Shigeru Nanbara
The University of Tokyo President December 1951 Tadao Yanaihara
President December 1957 Seiji Kaya
President December 1963 Kazuo Okochi
President (administration) November 1968 Ichiro Kato
President April 1969 Ichiro Kato
President April 1973 Kentaro Hayashi
President April 1977 Takashi Mukaibo
President April 1981 Ryuichi Hirano
President April 1985 Wataru Mori
President April 1989 Akito Arima
President April 1993 Hiroyuki Yoshikawa
President April 1997 Shigehiko Hasumi
President April 2001 Takeshi Sasaki
President April 2005 Hiroshi Komiyama
President April 2009 Junichi Hamada
President April 2015 Makoto Gonokami
President April 2021 Teruo Fujii
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