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UTokyo Photography Contest

June 13, 2016

Submission Period:February 10th, 2016 to May 18th, 2016

\Winner Announcement/

Thank you all very much for submitting a lot of photographs.
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During the submission period, the Division of International Affairs carried out a "T-shirt Relay" on UTokyo’s Facebook to show off the T-shirt which was given to the prize winners of the contest.
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Following a difficult evaluation, the President’s Award winner and the three Executive Vice President’s Award winners as well as the 30 Prize Winners for each category have been decided.
We would like to announce the results of the competition.

President’s Award

Feeling Japan by Hiroyuki Shima

EVP’s Awards

EVP’s Award in the “Excellence” Category

Academic excellence by El Medioni Arthur

EVP’s Award in the “Mobility” Category

Todai-Gate to the World by Xuan Truong Trinh

EVP’s Award in the “Diversity” Category
We learn Nihongo!
by “Japanese Course LI am, Center for Japanese Language Education”
(Representative: Stefan Paul Nikolas Knirck)

Prize Winners in the “Excellence” Category

  • 国際協力の最前線で by Takahiro Yamazaki

  • Absorption by Nicole Elizabeth Hasbum

  • ALMA by Hiroyuki Shima

  • 四月入学生とPEAK生との合併授業「細胞を培養しよう」
    by Ryoichi Matsuda

  • Enthusiasm by Orsi Roberto

  • 手の中のもう一つの宇宙 by Mitsuhide Sato

  • 迎えにゆきます by Yasuka Tateishi

  • Blackboard communication by Motoko Kakubayashi

  • Excellence Behind The Joy by Ta Duc Tung

  • 「飛行ロボットプロジェクト」ゼミにてドローンを開発する学生
    by Tomoyuki Yamasaki

  • Guidance by Xuan Truong Trinh

Prize Winners in the “Mobility” Category

  • International Conference by Chun Fui Liew

  • IWS Africa Rural Life in Benin by “WS in Benin”
    Representative:Josiane PONOU)

  • KARIBU !! -UN-Habitat in Kenya- by “WS in Kenya team”
    Representative:Ai Ueno)

  • 「ふむふむ」 by Moe Fukui

  • Happiness by Goutham Karthikeyan

  • Akamon Action by Stefan Paul Nikolas Knirck

Prize Winners in the “Diversity” Category

  • 春光に輝く by Shingo Ito

  • Transdisciplinary Discussion by Kayoko Namba

  • MIT学生日本伝統的着物を着る by “M-Skype”
    Representative:Kumiko Morimura)

  • スペシャル・イングリッシュ・レッスン留学生TA
    by “東京大学スペシャル・イングリッシュ・レッスン”
    Representative:Yoko Nemoto)

  • International super-kamiokande
    by Tomasz Maciej Rutkowski

    by Ricardo San Carlos

  • 本郷キャンパスの日常(自転車整理)
    by “ 環境課 自転車整理チーム” (Representative:Maki Nakada)

  • Diversity is beautiful by Gloria Patricia Manurung

  • 多様な人々の魅力
    by “TEDxUTokyo”(Representative:Yuriya Nakagawa)