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Faculty of Education

Welcome to the Faculty of Education!
We aspire to foster the well-being of people and bring about a better society through education.


The Faculty of Education researches into ways of promoting activities that encourage people to learn, grow and develop. It also investigates from various angles the roles of kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special education schools, universities and other educational institutions on the development of societies and cultures, as well as how education supports the well-being of people and the betterment of society as a whole.

Educational science is a science that integrates various disciplines. Understanding the historical background of education requires knowledge in philosophy, ethics, history, anthropology and other areas. To recognize the functions of education, it is necessary to study sociology, economics and similar fields. Research on psychology, physiology and neuroscience serves as a foundation to understanding how people learn and grow. To grasp communication patterns during classes and study necessitates research on linguistics, social psychology and information science. Also, to discuss educational systems and policies, students have to utilize their knowledge of politics, public administration and law. To recognize mental health conditions that affect education, students need to learn clinical psychology and psychopathology. If students want to contribute to the international community by investigating trends in educational reforms around the world, they need to research comparative education and educational development. Those who are interested in the education of the Japanese language, foreign languages, mathematics, science, humanities and sociology, physical health or the arts are required to study these subjects thoroughly.
As can be seen, educational science is a comprehensive study through which the process of people’s learning and growing is researched in a practical, systematical and administrative manner. Educational efforts in every field share the common goal of realizing the well-being of people and a better society through education. Considering that education science studies the effects of education on living people, it can be said that the discipline’s most attractive aspect is that people studying educational science must critically question social and cultural realities while also reviewing their own ways of thinking and living.

Education plays a more significant role in the 21st century than ever before. The course of education determines the future of children and our society. Accordingly, the Faculty of Education bears the responsibility for achieving this important role and fostering hope in the educational field through leading-edge research and a first-rate education.

To provide undergraduate education with a foundation in the latest research developments, the Faculty was reorganized into five divisions in 2010: Division of Basic Theories of Education, Division of Social Sciences in Education, Division of Educational Practices and Policies, Division of Educational Psychology and Division of Physical and Health Education. Through this reorganization, the Faculty aims to provide a more comprehensive environment in which to study education science.

The Faculty’s graduates take on many different career paths. Some aspire to become researchers and go to graduate schools. Some become teachers. Some join newspaper, television, or publication companies to pursue careers as education journalists or editors. Some enter private companies and work in internal education- or personnel-related sections. And others become government officials in charge of planning out educational policies. How about helping create a brighter future for children and Japanese society by joining us at the Faculty to study education science? Everybody is welcomed!


Department of Integrated Educational Sciences
Major in Basic Theories of Education:
Division of Basic Theories of Education
Major in Social Sciences in Education:
Division of Social Sciences in Education/ Division of Educational Practices and Policies
Major in Developmental Sciences:
Division of Educational Psychology/ Division of Physical and Health Education

Type of Degree

Bachelor of Education



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