UT Forum 2002 in Singapore

Date: 27-28 Nov 2002
Location: National University of Singapore Cultural Centre
Theme: Human Communities and Contexts of Nature
Attendees: Over 200 on each day
10 Japanese presenters
6 foreign presenters
Partner Institutions: National University of Singapore
JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)


Through presenting the content of research on Asia that is going on at the University of Tokyo demonstrate the high standard of research in Japan, and take this opportunity to deepen discussion with Asian and Western researchers, promote international academic collaboration, and support mutual international understanding.


Overall theme: in search of diversity and symbiosis in Asia

In the modern world, we are faced with increasing conflict among humanity. Further, human activities continue to degrade the global environment. In this dangerous situation, we reexamine the relationship between people and the environment and between peoples in Asia today and in the past, with the aim of finding leads to root-level solutions to the issues facing us today. In this forum, we seek out the diversity that is native to Asia, and make use of this in looking for new solutions for symbiosis.

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