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Mock Job Interviews

Since 2014, mock job interviews have been held every year by the Career Support Office in cooperation with the UTokyo Alumni Office.

One-hour mock interviews designed to be like the final interviews for students' preferred companies are conducted, followed by specific advice from the interviewers.

Most of the participant students gave positive comments about these activities.


Reports on past events

Reports on past events
Dates: May 10 and 13, 2016

A total of 55 students including both graduates and undergraduates participated in the events. Interviewers included four staff members of the UTokyo Alumni Office as well as a Senior Adviser, Office of the President and some alumni volunteers.

In a questionnaire about the event, 42 out of 55 participants answered that the interviews were very helpful while the remaining 13 answered that they were helpful.

Specific feedback from the participants was as follows:

“A lot of appropriate advice that will be useful for actual interviews was given.”
“I got feedback on whom corporations want to hire from an interviewer’s perspective, which made me more confident.”
“It was encouraging for me, since I had lost confidence in job-hunting.”
“Appropriate advice on my advantages, disadvantages and impressions made me realize things I had never noticed before.”
“I would also like to experience a stressful interview.”