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For TFT Members

A variety of benefits and services are available to those registered with TFT, including discount rates for luxury hotels and restaurants.

Special Discounts for Hotels of the Washington Hotel and Hotel Gracery Group

For details, please check the reservation form.

【Eligibility】 TFT members and their accompanying persons.
【Rates】 Special discount for each hotel
【Period】 Until Sunday, December 31, 2023

◆Reservation form for TFT members
Account number: 0161
Password: u-tokyo

【Compliance with terms of use】
※Since these discount rates are offered specially for TFT members, they are not available through travel agencies or the internet.

Tokyo Office, Sales Promotion Team, WHG Business Group, Fujita Kanko Inc.
TEL: 03 -5981-7761

Special Discounts for Weddings and Restaurants at the Imperial Hotels

Special Discounts for Wedding Plans

Imperial Hotels will provide TFT members with discounted rates for their wedding plans.

If you are considering holding a wedding ceremony, please visit the Imperial Hotel Wedding Fairs.
For details, please check the following websites:

【Period】 Until Wednesday, March 31, 2024
Wedding plan for 40 guests and over: 10% discount on drink and food
Wedding plan for 39 guests and under: 5% discount on drink and food

*(1) Other benefits will be available depending upon dates.
  (2) When making a reservation or coming to the venue, please refer to these TFT memberships benefits.
  (3) These benefits are available for TFT members and over two levels of their relatives, including brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.
  (4) These benefits are only applicable prior to the contract being made and are not applicable to those who have been introduced from others including marriage matchmakers.
  (5) These benefits cannot be used with other promotions.
  (6) These benefits may not be applicable to some specific plans.

 Persons responsible for weddings  +81-03-3539-8558 (10:00~19:00 except on Wednesdays and national holidays )

 Reservation desk for weddings  +81-06-6881-4609 (9:00~20:00)

Special Discounts for Restaurants at the Imperial Hotels

【Period】 Until Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021(except for the period from December 30 to January 3)
【Rates】 A 10% discount for the following restaurants is available:

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo Imperial Hotel, Osaka
Traditional Dining “La Brasserie” -
Parkside Diner “All day Dining” Chinese Cuisine “Jasmine Garden”
Fine French Cuisine “Les Saisons” Fine French Cuisine “Les Saisons”
Open Grill Specialties “Kamon” Open Grill Specialties “Kamon”
Buffet “The Imperial Viking Sal” Casual Restaurant “Café Couvert”
Bar “The Rendes-Vous Lounge and Bar” Cocktail Lounge “The Rainbow Lounge”
Bar “Old Imperial Bar” Bar “Old Imperial Bar”
Lounge “The Imperial Lounge Aqua” Buffet and Lounge “ The Park”

*(1) Print out and bring this page to each restaurant.
  (2) These benefits cannot be used with other promotions or for the breakfast.

Tel: +81-3-3504-1111  
1-1, Uchisaiwai-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558

Tel: +81-6-6881-1111
8-50, Temmabashi 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0042

New Special Discounts for Tokyo Dome Hotel [whole year]

Newly introduced special discounts are available for Tokyo Dome Hotel which is situated in the entertainment area.
【Eligibility】 TFT members and their accompanying persons.
◆Reservation form for TFT members
【Contact】 Reservation TEL:03-5805-2222 (9:00~21:00 on weekdays, 9:00~19:00 on Sundays and holidays)


TFT Mail Magazine both in English and Japanese

A monthly mail magazine is sent out to those who are registered to TFT, informing registrants of the latest information on the University, activities of alumni associations both at home and abroad and other timely events. The content differs depending on the language.

☆How to receive TFT Mail Magazine in English or in both English and Japanese:
(1) Log in to the TFT.
(2) Click "Edit Profile" in the top right corner and then "Change Registration Information" at the bottom of the page.
(3) Choose "Mail magazine in English" or "Both Japanese and English" in "Subscribe to mail magazines" under "Publications including online media."
(4) Click "Change Registration Information" at the bottom of the page again.

Permanent E-mail Address

A permanent address through which e-mail will be forwarded to your usual e-mail address can be obtained. After logging in, please apply for this service by selecting Permanent Email Address on the Top Page.
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