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Life at the University of Tokyo and in the big city of Tokyo can stir up all sorts of emotions for international students. Most likely, many of you are filled with hope and passion as you pursue your studies and research day to day. However, there may be some of you who experience unpleasant emotions, such as a sense of distress like being lost on a vast ocean, anxiety over diminished motivation in your academic pursuits, feelings of isolation or inferiority in your seminars and labs, or anger over some form of harassment or discrimination directed against you.

If you ever experience such anguish, the professional counselors at the Student Counseling Center will work with you to think out a solution to your troubles. Of course, you can also go to the International Center for consultation if you wish, but remember that you can turn to the Student Counseling Center for mental health guidance (principally in Japanese). The center has offices at the Komaba, Hongo, and Kashiwa campuses.

Counseling can be received on a walk-in basis, but you may have to wait to be served, so scheduling an appointment is highly recommended. Also, it is helpful for the staff if you first call the office in advance, regardless of the type of problem you have.

The Student Counseling Center also hosts various informative programs, including a seminar on self-expression, a workshop for thinking about employment, and a group-work session for thinking about personal relationships.

Information on these services and programs is available on the website of the University of Tokyo’s Division for Counseling and Support.

Komaba Center

3rd floor, Building 1, Komaba I Campus (entrance below clock)
Phone: 03-5454-6186

Hongo Center

1st floor, Prefabricated Research Building A, Hongo Campus
Phone: 03-5841-2516

Kashiwa Center

1st floor, Environmental Studies Building, Kashiwa Campus
(enter via the automatic doors of the main entrance, go to the end of the hall, and turn right to go to Room 117)
Phone: 04-7136-3714
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Kashiwa Campus
Hongo Campus
Komaba Campus