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International Offices by Faculty and Graduate School

Graduate Schools/Faculties

Graduate School/Faculty International Office
Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology/ Faculty of Letters International Office (Japanese language only)
Graduate School of Education/ Faculty of Education International Exchange Activities (Japanese language only)
Graduate Schools for Law and Politics/ Faculty of Law International Student Adviser
Graduate School of Economics/
Faculty of Economics
For International Students
International Student Advisor
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences/ College of Arts and Sciences Komaba International Offices
Graduate School of Science/ Faculty of Science International Liaison Office
Graduate School of Engineering/ Faculty of Engineering Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE)
Office of International Students
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture The Office for International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE)
Graduate School of Medicine/ Faculty of Medicine Office of International Academic Affairs
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences International Student Advising Room
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences International Liaison Office
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences International Liaison Office
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Office of International Relations (OIR)
Office of International Students
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies/ Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program: Information, Technology, and Society in Asia (ITASIA)


Institute International Office
Institute of Industrial Science International Exchange Activities
Historiographical Institute International Exchange
Institute for Solid State Physics International Liaison Office
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology For Prospective Students
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