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Information Center

The Information Center is a space for the public to learn more about the University of Tokyo. The Center opened on September 21st, 1995 as the University’s first public relations facility and is available to everyone within and outside of the University to use.

The building that houses the Information Center was constructed in January 1926 and originally served as a receiving area for patients requiring emergency care at the Tokyo Imperial University Medical College affiliated Clinic (currently the University of Tokyo Hospital). The facility was later renovated and selected as one of Tokyo’s Designated Historical Structures on March 30th, 2004.

Location and Hours

Location Hongo Campus, across from Tatsuoka Gate
Days Open Mondays - Fridays (excluding holidays)
Times Open 10:00 - 16:30
Closest Train Stations Marunouchi Line, Hongo San-chome Station: 8 minutes’ walk
  Chiyoda Line, Yushima Station: 8 minutes’ walk
  Oedo Line, Hongo San-chome Station: 5 minutes’ walk
Buses From Ueno Station (Asakusa Exit): Take the bus headed for “Tokyo Univ.” (東大構内; Todai-Konai)
From Ocha-no-Mizu Station (Hijiribashi Exit):
Get off at the Tatsuoka Gate (竜岡門) bus stop
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Visitors' Guide


[First Floor]

 Searching for Information

- Use the University of Tokyo’s website to look up information on the University including general information, Faculties and Graduate Schools, affiliated Institutes and University-wide Centers.

 Watching Videos

- Watch videos promoting the University of Tokyo and introducing research done at the University. Some videos are available in English.

Pamphlets, Guides and Magazines

- Copies of the monthly University magazine Gakunai Kouhou, the external public relations magazine Tansei, the University of Tokyo Guidebook and other documents are available to pick up and take with you.
- Other Books published by the University of Tokyo Press are on display.

The Center also distributes Center Examination Guides and Admission Applications. (Note: These are distributed during certain periods only.)


View of the main room on the first floor
School uniform cap worn by a male UTokyo student around the mid-1960s
Messages from UTokyo Nobel laureates who gave special lectures for UTokyo's 130th anniversary

Recently, the Center has also been showcasing the activities of some student clubs. Pieces created by the origami club Orist (left) are on display, as are implements used in scientific experiments from the science communication club CAST (right).

origami club Orist science communication club CAST

[Second Floor]

   Material Reading Room

- Research Information
  Learn about research conducted at the University of Tokyo.
         - Guides and quick summaries about the University’s research institutes, joint educational and research facilities within the University, etc.
         - Reports on research results, including those from Faculties and Graduate Schools (bulletins and annual reports)

- University Information
            Receive an overview of University of Tokyo and learn about the University’s educational activities.
              - The University of Tokyo Guidebook
              - Guides and summaries for Faculties, Graduate Schools, Centers and other affiliated institutions

     You can also learn about the University of Tokyo’s past, present and future.

- One Hundred-year History of the University of Tokyo and history of each Faculty/Graduate School
-  Illustrated books and history of the University’s 120th anniversary commemorative University of Tokyo Exhibition
- Issues of Gakunai Kouhou, Tansei and other public relations magazines/booklets from Faculties/Graduate Schools
- External Evaluation Reports
- The University of Tokyo: Current State of Affairs and Challenges (white paper)


View of the room on the second floor
Guides and course summaries (Faculties)
Guides and course summaries (Graduate Schools)
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