Prospective Students
Prospective Students

Nurseries and Kindergartens

University Nurseries

     The University of Tokyo operates nurseries at the Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, and Shirokane campuses to help students and employees balance their academic pursuits and jobs with their family responsibilities. These facilities care for children who are at least six weeks old and not yet of school age (or not yet three years old as of April 1, depending on the nursery).

     In order for a child to qualify for daycare, both the mother and father must work or study full-time, and at least one of them must be affiliated with the University of Tokyo.

     Service is divided into two types: regular daycare, which is provided all day from Monday to Friday, and occasional daycare, which is provided for certain days and hours specified by the parent. Saturday care is also available to those who need it. To apply, submit the required documents to the relevant nursery by the first business day two months before the month you wish to start using occasional care. If you plan to apply to more than one nursery, submit the application package to your nursery of first choice.

     Admissions screening is handled by the Nursery Screening Committee. Due to limited capacity, some applicants may not be accepted.

Information on Raising Children in Japan

     Nurseries in Japan usually start their school year every April. In order to qualify for application, certain criteria need to be fulfilled, such as both parents working or studying full-time. Nurseries in Tokyo are almost always filled to capacity and even families who meet the entry criteria are not able to find a place for their child, especially when applying mid-way through the school year. In addition, it may take from one to several months from when an application is made until the child is able to attend the nursery, so finding a place immediately after arriving in Japan can be very difficult.

     It is recommended that students planning on coming to Japan with young children obtain information about the Japanese nursery school system and create a plan so that you do not struggle to find appropriate childcare after your arrival.