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Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Agricultural Bioinformatics Research Unit

Agricultural Bioinformatics Research Unit

The Agricultural Bioinformatics Research Unit was established in 2004 to conduct education and research on bioinformatics for graduate students who are studying agricultural and life sciences. The Unit’s educational program (Professional Programme of Agricultural Bioinformatics) includes lectures, practical education, and seminars in advanced topics of bioinformatics and their agricultural applications. It also supports the research of master’s and doctoral students and presents practical education linked directly to each research topic. The Unit aims to become a base of cooperation for experimental and computational studies as well as industry-university cooperation.
So far (2004–2017 academic years), the number of individuals who have completed the lectures is 1,824 (a cumulative total is 5,302) and 207 students have received the certificate that shows the completion of at least eight lectures. In addition, more than 45 students have received master or doctor degrees by the support of this program. The students of this program also include many graduate students in other schools and universities, postdoctoral fellows, and company researchers.

The lectures of this program are divided into three large categories: “Fundamentals,” “Methodologies” and “Advanced Topics.” In most lectures, students receive hands-on exercises using computers. Students bring their own laptop computers to the lectures or can use the Unit’s computers. By participating in this program, students can acquire a wide range of skills about bioinformatics from basic ones to state-of-the-art techniques ready to be applied to the problems in agricultural and life sciences.

Educational Program

・Introduction to Biological Sequence Analysis
・Introduction to Genome Informatics
・Introduction to Biostatistics
・Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics

・Knowledge Information Processing
・Sequence Statistics and Mathematical Biology
・Molecular Modeling and Simulation
・Omics Analysis
・Functional Genomics
・Introduction to Systems Biology
・Field Informatics

Advanced Topics
・Special Lectures on Agricultural Bioinformatics I
・Special Lectures on Agricultural Bioinformatics II
・Special Lectures on Agricultural Bioinformatics III
・Special Lectures on Agricultural Bioinformatics IV
・Research Exercises on Agricultural Bioinformatics