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Graduate School of Economics

Activities conducted by the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics (School of Economics) include mathematical theoretical analysis, empirical research grounded in statistics, historical analysis that takes into account the development of economic history, case studies involving business administration strategy and management practices, and institutional analysis based on historical events. As can be seen, the School of Economics takes a multifaceted approach to a wide range of issues relating to economics and business management.

The curriculum of the Graduate School of Economics has been designed so that students can learn extensively about a variety of research fields related to economics, management and finance. The Graduate School consists of the six courses of Economics, Statistics, Area Studies, Economic History, Management, and Quantitative Finance. Advanced, professional education is provided for each of these specialized fields. After earning their Master’s degrees, some students utilize their expert knowledge in economics, management and finance by finding work in the private sector or the government, while others choose to continue their education at the doctorate level, becoming researchers involved in the latest economic research.

The Graduate School of Economics also offers the International Program in Economics (UTIPE) for English-speaking students. This two-year Master’s Program provides students with a practical, globally-engaged education emphasizing specialized knowledge and expertise in economics. The courses are all taught in English, and therefore proficiency in Japanese is not required. Students are admitted each year and they may enroll either in April or October.

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