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Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education is a science-oriented Graduate School that reexamines the roles of people, societies and cultures through interdisciplinary approaches to actual problems in the practice, policies and systems of education.

Educational science covers three main fields: the science of educational practice that promotes the learning and development of human beings; the science of educational policy for designing and encouraging reform in schools, universities and other institutions; and basic science for constructing theories regarding the practice and policies of the two other sciences.

Valuing the balance between and integration of the aforementioned three characteristics of educational science (practical science, policy science and basic science) as its defining principles, the Graduate School of Education is comprised of two departments: the Department of Integrated Educational Sciences and the Department of Advanced Research in School Education.

Also, the Graduate School of Education has many affiliated institutes. For example, The Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research (CASEER) cooperates with educational science-focused universities, boards of education and schools across Japan, aiming to solve various issues related to school education. Another institute, the Center for Psychological Services, provides practical training opportunities for graduate students who want to get involved in supporting people with psychological issues through counseling activities. The Center for Barrier-free Education carries out research on the development of systems for training people to understand the ideals and concepts of universal access and to handle universal access issues professionally. The Center for Early Childhood Development, Education, and Policy Research (CEDEP) intends to improve early childhood environment quality and policy based on research findings from developmental science.

Finally, the Graduate School of Education actively promotes a large number of collaborative research projects, as well as education and research activities, including international symposiums and lecture meetings.