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Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Introduction to the Graduate School of IST for Prospective Students

Information is at the core of society and intelligence in the 21st century, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assists us in many areas of our life as the infrastructure that supports advanced intellectual and economic activities. With the rapid growth of ICT, the quality of our life has improved significantly. From this perspective, further research and development are recognized as being important in providing society with a sense of security.

The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (IST) (hereinafter referred to as the “Graduate School”) at the University of Tokyo is the place to study and research information-related science and technology. The aim of the Graduate School is to foster experts who can act as leaders in the research and development of cutting-edge Information Science and Technology.

The Graduate School consists of the following six departments offering both Master’s and Doctoral degrees: Computer Science, Mathematical Informatics, Information Physics and Computing, Information and Communication Engineering, Mechano-Informatics, and Creative Informatics.

The Graduate School accepts a number of international students while many of our current students have had experience studying abroad. Also, scores of international researchers come to study at this Graduate School, as it is a research base that represents Japan in the field of IST.

In addition, the objective is to cultivate professionals with global communication skills as well as specialized knowledge and techniques to solve global issues and to lead social innovation. In October 2010, the Graduate School started the English Program in Information Science and Technology, which has become a part of the regular study program of the Graduate School, and will be redeveloped into the "English Program on Intelligent Information Processing" starting in April 2019. For more details, please look below.

In this way, the Graduate School is structured to facilitate the organic pooling of the wisdom and intelligence of information science and technology at the University of Tokyo, and thereby act as an innovative base of graduate school-level education and research in advanced information science and technology that serves the needs of the 21st century.

Unique Educational Programs offered by the Graduate School



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