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Snake Mound (Haunted Stone Lantern)

Snake Mound
This stone lantern is said to be an Edo period artifact of the Maeda Clan (Kaga Domain) Residence. On the rectangular base, which is decorated in relief with a lotus pattern, stands a long, narrow stone column and a conical stone umbrella. One side of the column features Sanskrit words clearly carved into the stone. A vague, weathered engraving of what appears to be a standing figure can be seen on the opposite side. There are no other inscriptions. An onion-shaped decoration called hoju (jewelry) sits at the very top of the stone umbrella. This lantern is thought to be a memorial to a lady-in-waiting, who was tortured and killed with vipers as punishment for her misconduct. However, as several different stories behind the lantern exist, the truth is still unknown.

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