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International Students, Irasshai! (Azariah Amador)

Interviews with UTokyo students from all over the world

Azariah Amador

First-year Master's degree student, Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
From Honduras. She's friendly, sociable and has an open and authentic personality. She enjoys making scrapbooks and doing other handicrafts in her spare time. Her dream is to bring happiness to many people.

Q. Why did you come to Japan/UTokyo?

I had wanted to study overseas since I was little. I searched for scholarships from numerous countries, and I decided to come to Japan because it is completely different from my home country. My parents also encouraged me to come, saying that I could grow a lot as a person if I went to Japan. Also, the reason I chose UTokyo is because it is the top university in Japan.

Q. What are you currently studying/researching?

I'm studying hydrology under Professor Taikan Oki. I haven't started doing my research yet, but I want to research how to find groundwater by using GIS systems and what effect the circulation of groundwater and its usage have on the environment. The water situation in my country is bad, and it used to take my mother two hours just to go get water. I want to improve this environment and make people happy.

Q. What have you found the most difficult in Japan/UTokyo?

I was bewildered at first because the way people act in Japan is completely different from the way they do in Latin America. It was hard to read between the lines and hold back on my emotions. I'm being myself now, though! (laughs) Regarding UTokyo, I was surprised at first about how there were a lot of theory-based classes and not that many practical ones.

Q. What do you like about Japan/UTokyo?

Japanese people seem shy at first, but once you become friends with them they are very open and kind. It's also nice how they make efforts to understand other cultures. I like how UTokyo is working on being more international.

Q. Please tell us something about Honduras!

  • Tegucigalpa in the daytime

  • Tegucigalpa at night

Honduras is a country rich in diversity, with Maya ruins, towns that have existed since Spanish colonial times, the culture of the Garifuna people, beautiful nature and beaches, and delicious food. The pictures are of the capital of Honduras and my hometown, Tegucigalpa, at night and during the daytime.

* The content of this page was translated from the Ryuugakusei-san Irasshai! article printed in Gakunai Kouhou No. 1473. (Japanese language only)

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