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Faculty of Law

Full Support for the Many Aspects of Your Student Life

The Faculty of Law offers academic advice for international students. In the advising room, a number of Master’s and Doctoral students provide undergraduates with a wide range of advice on various matters from academic problems to worries about everyday living. In addition to this regular service, the Faculty also offers workshops every year, such as alumni lectures about choosing future academic and career paths, as well as academic seminars held by graduate students.

Another supportive organization within the Faculty is a student council called the Midori-kai (undergraduate students of the Faculty are regular members, while faculty members are special members). The Midori-kai plans lectures by government officials and organizes annual general meetings, in addition to its everyday duties for improving student life. The annual general meeting (the Midori-kai Taikai) also holds special events, such as lectures given by successful graduates (a different graduate is selected each year) and panel discussions on particular themes.

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