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Faculty of Economics

Connect with the World through Economics
Experts in Economics Needed with the Skills to Survive in a Globalized World

As economic activities become increasingly globalized, economics as a field of study must also become more globalized. It can be said that among the disciplines of social science, economics is currently the most internationally standardized field. There are many common characteristics between the economics taught at overseas universities such as those in the United States, Europe and China and economics taught at the University of Tokyo. As a result of the international standardization of this field, communication can be carried out among people both at home and abroad using the common language of economics. Those who possess specialized knowledge and analytical abilities in economics are in great demand in various areas, such as the government, international organizations, and the media. The trends of globalization can also be felt in the realms of education and research. The Faculty accepts a number of international students while many of our current students and graduates have had experience studying abroad. Also, scores of international researchers come to study at this Faculty, as it is a research base that represents Japan in the field of economics.

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