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College of Arts and Sciences: Junior Division

Thorough Support for Learning Activities Leads to a Fulfilling Campus Life

There are about 6,600 first- and second-year students in the Junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences, while the number of faculty members is approximately 490 (as of May 2021); the student-faculty ratio is thus approximately 13:1. The ratio of students to faculty members is one factor that illustrates the degree of educational quality at an institution. There are not many universities in the world that have a student-faculty ratio of 20:1 or below; UTokyo’s Junior Division, therefore, enjoys the company of an elite few. Also, many classes of the Junior Division have graduate students working as TAs (teaching assistants) on hand to help students.

In addition, the College has established a framework for thoroughly supporting students’ learning activities. For instance, the College’s Student Counseling Center and Academic Guidance Center offer counseling services. These centers provide counseling for students who are concerned about life issues, learning, or future studies/careers. The Academic Guidance Center also holds symposiums that give students the opportunity to decide which Faculty they want to enroll in after completing the Junior Division. Another example of the College’s efforts to promote active learning is the FLY Program, a gap-year program available exclusively for new students.

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