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College of Arts and Sciences: Senior Division

Characteristics of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (also known as the College of Arts and Sciences’ Senior Division) is comprised of three departments: the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, which focuses on the humanities; the Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences, which covers both the humanities and the sciences; and the Department of Integrated Sciences, which centers on the sciences.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is further divided into three sections: Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Area Studies and Social and International Relations. The Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Section aims to review cultures and languages in a dynamic way, transcending the boundaries of disciplines, regions and cultural genres. The Area Studies Section strives to understand the world from the perspectives of local communities in the era of globalization. The Social and International Relations Section works toward comprehensive research in the social sciences and the application of this research to society and the international community.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences aims to cultivate within students the ability to solve problems in a comprehensive manner by using a variety of approaches that are not strictly limited to either the humanities or the sciences. The Department also provides a number of small-group seminars and practical training so that students will gain the competency to cooperate with others and communicate their opinions.

The Department of Integrated Sciences helps students to create new areas of study by having them bring together various kinds of knowledge of the natural sciences. In this Department, students can not only learn about specialized fields in depth but also acquire broader and richer knowledge of the natural sciences by freely traversing a variety of disciplines.

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