Digital Competition Policy

Hiroshi Ohashi
Graduate School of Public Policy
Faculty of Economics     Professor
Data platform has greatly benefitted our economy and society. In the meantime, there is a concern that digitalized platform tends to monopolize markets and to misguide consumers’ decision making by providing personalized information. The purpose of this project is to propose a new approach to resurrect and maintain competitiveness in digitalized markets with data platforms.
To protect consumer benefits from data platforms, digital competition policy should tackle new challenges arisen by coordination and pacing problems.
Copyright by Hiroshi Ohashi

Related publications

“Digital Cartel and Competition Policy” (Ch. 8), “Digital Platform and Co-regulation” (Ch. 9) in Economics of Competition Policy: Population Decline, Digitalization, and Industrial Policies (Hiroshi Ohashi, Nikkei Newspaper Publisher, 2021) in Japanese


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